Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Great Resource With a Fun Name!!

Hello Everyone!  Today I want to share a great resource for small group counseling or classroom guidance lessons.  This resource has the very FUN name of 104 Activities That Build:  Self-Esteem, Teamwork, Communication, Anger Management, Self-Discovery and Coping Skills, By Alanna Jones.

This school year, I ran a half-of-year 5th grade group called "Emotions and Me".  I used this book many times over the course of this group because it had soooo many great activities and the kids really loved doing them!!!  This group of kids needed a little more to do than usual and this book's activity suggestions was right on the mark!!!  THANK YOU, Ms. Alanna Jones!!!

Some of the kid's favorite activities were: "Action Emotions," "The Way We Were," "Emotions in Motion" and "Emotion Bench." The kids loved the role plays and other games and we even came up with similar ideas to do as a group!!

This book is very easy to read and doesn't require a lot of pre-group preparation.  The book is divided by topic so you can focus on what you need to.  For this group, I used activities from the Self-Discovery section.  Each activity lists an objective, a description of who would benefit from this activity, group size, materials needed, a description of how to do the activity and discussion questions!  How cool is that?!

Ms. Jones has several other books including The wRECking Yard of Games and Activities; Team-Building Activities For Every Group; and More Team-Building Activities for Every Group.  She also has a Team Up board game!!

How have you used this book in counseling?  I'd love to hear your ideas too!!!  Thanks, AnnMarie