Wednesday, September 4, 2013

"Being Frank"

Today, I had opportunity to visit one of our 2nd grades to do a small guidance lesson on a difficult concept for youngsters... the idea of being honest without hurting other's feelings!!

The teacher asked me to read Being Frank, by Donna W. Earnhardt.  I was delighted because I love love love to do a read aloud!!!  The book was super cute!!  Great illustrations by Andrea Castellani!  The kids loved the story and were able to answer all of the "what does that mean" questions!!  Love that!!! had this to say about Being Frank:  "Frank follows the motto, "Honesty is the best policy." He tells the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Frank never lies to his schoolmates, he always tells the truth to adults, and he’s always honest with police officers. The balancing act of finding tact, that fine line between telling the truth and telling too much truth, is the main theme of this story, and it's very funny—although not necessarily to his friend Dotti whose freckles remind Frank of the Big Dipper, or to the teacher who hears that her breath smells like onions, or to the principal who is told that his toupee looks like a weasel. No one is quite as impressed with Frank’s honesty as he thinks they should be. He is sweet and straightforward, and, well, very frank, but with everyone annoyed at him, Frank is now honestly unhappy. He decides to visit his confidante and pal, Grandpa Ernest, who has a history of frankness himself. With a few lessons from Grandpa, Frank begins to understand that the truth is important, but so is not being hurtful. With amusing characters and expressive artwork, this story tells the powerful message of finding the good in everything—a lesson that sends compassion and understanding to take the place of rudeness in the complex concept of truth."

This was such a great way to show kids how to be tactful yet sincere!!! Have you used this book yet?

Pearson Chronological Age Calculator!

I just wanted to do a quick post about a very handy tool that I use quite often!!  Have you ever needed to calculate a student's chronological age for a standardized test?  I mean year, months & exact date?

One of my school counselor responsibilities is to administer brief intelligence test to screen for possible giftedness in students.  If you are slightly mathematically challenged, like I am, calculating chronological ages can be a nightmare!!

Enter Pearson Chronological Age Calculator!!  This totally easy to use calculator makes this task incredibly easy and immediate!!!!  No more "back adding" as I like to call it! just go to the site, enter student's name & their birthday.  Today's date will automatically be there for you as the test date!!  Just hit "calculate age" and presto there is the student's exact chronological age in years, months & days!! Fantastic!!

See just like that you know my pretend chronological age!!