Sunday, August 18, 2013

A Nice Fresh Office for Back to School!!

Well I am finally home from my long vacation!! (sorry for the blog absence!)  I was able to get into my offices and spruce things up a bit!!  I got a new rug for my Asa Packer office as it was a bit nasty (10 years old + 2-3 Lunch Bunches almost every day this year alone).  I went with gray to hide the dirt a little more.  There are a total of 10 ottomans!

I also got a new tall book shelf for my fidgets (Legos, Magnetix, a Find It!, squishy balls, etc).  I replaced a broken book shelf with a re-purposed cube crate set and really organized my guidance books by topic!!  I keep all of my play therapy toys and games in one corner.  The kids Love this area!!!!  Some new posters outside of the front door brightened up a dull space!! I kept the same bulletin board just because I love it so much!!!!

I made a photo collage of my office for your enjoyment!  Stay tuned for pictures of my Hanover office!!