Sunday, January 27, 2013

ASCA Annual Conference

I am SO excited this morning!! I finally had time to look through and decide about breakout sessions at the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) Annual Conference being held this year in Phila. PA!!!  The conference runs from Sunday June 30, 1013 through Wednesday July 3, 2013.  Here is the link for the annual conference!!

I have been an ASCA member since I was in grad school and I have ALWAYS wanted to go the annual conference.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to attend for various reasons, but THIS year the ASCA conference is being held in Philadelphia!!  That's a short 45-60 minutes away!!!!  I have family in Phila so this is a no brainer!!!

I am SUPER excited that Rachel Simmons, founder of Girls Leadership Institute & author of Odd Girl Out; Odd Girl Speaks Out & The Curse of the Good Girl will be the final Keynote speaker!!!  Her presentation is called "The Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls".   She does so much to help girls with conflict resolution and prevention!!!

I am also equally excited to attend some to of the breakout sessions!!  Some of the sessions that I am looking forward to are "Let Me Show You What I Do: Evidence and Evaluation", "Working With Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders", Top 10 Solution-Focused Techniques" & "Web 2.0 Technology Smack Down."  These are on Monday July1st!

Tuesday, July 2nd,  I am hoping to attend "The School Counselor's  Role in Special Education",  "Working with Students with Autism, Asperger's and Similar Developmental Delays", "APPlying 21st Century Tools to Your Program" and Aiding Grieving Children".

For the last day of the conference, I am looking forward to "Get Your Blog On".  Are you getting that I am interested in technology?  I am hoping to meet up face to face with other school counselor bloggers that I follow!!!

I am so happy that I will finally get to attend the ASCA annual conference!!  I have heard so many amazing things about previous conferences and keynote speakers!!  And who doesn't love being in our country's birthplace of Freedom, just before Independence Day!!!

Have you ever been to the ASCA Annual Conference?  Are you going this year?  What are you looking forward to?  Please share in the comments section below!!