Sunday, July 21, 2013

Using Facebook Page to Promote Your #SchoolCounselor Blog!

I want to share with you another very easy way to promote your school counselor blog!  My new blogging buddy, Dr. Susan Fuller, from Entirely Elementary School Counseling, told me how to do this when we met at ASCA13!!   Thank you Dr. Fuller!!

You can do this using Facebook.  If you already have a Facebook account, it is pretty easy! (If not, sign up for Facebook first, then follow these instructions!)   On the sign in page near the bottom are the words Create A Page, click that.

Next, click on "Brand or Product"  

Under "Brand or Product", click the drop down menu and scroll to select "Website."  In the text box, enter the name of your blog and the check I agree... and then the "Get Started" button!  It's that easy!!!

Once you're on you newly created page, you can edit your page, invite friends, build audience, and get help!!  You can even link your new Facebook Page to Twitter!!  Very Cool!!!   Your Facebook Page can you show you your page insights about who you are reaching and make suggestions to promote your page.   I just started my School Counselor Companion Facebook Page last week and I already have people who like my page!!!!  It is a nice platform to get your school counselor blog out there!!!

Do YOU have a school counselor blog Facebook Page?  I would love the link!!!  Comment below!!



  1. I am SO retweeting this! Thanks to you I just made a FB page for my new blog
    Thanks so much!

  2. Don't forget to pin your posts on Pinterest. Most of my referring views come from there.
    My website is My Facebook page is