Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Peace & No Place for Hate!!

Today at both of my elementary schools we are celebrating International Day of Peace!!!  (Click here to learn more about how this day came about!!!)  This is our 2nd year celebrating this day with Pinwheels for Peace!!!

At both of my schools, all of the students in grades K-5 will create a Pinwheel from a template and color or decorate the pinwheel to show what peace means to them!!!  The paper is then folded into a pinwheel and attached to a straw or pencil with a fastener or pin!! (we used pencils because they were sturdier!)  (Here is the link to the Pinwheels for Peace template!)

The kids at both of my schools were very excited to create these Pinwheels for Peace again!!!  Each and every pinwheels looks so different and so beautiful!!  Each representing what peace means to that particular student!!

On this International Day of Peace we gather as grade levels outside and with the help of our wonderful custodian, the principal and I help each student place their Pinwheel for Peace out on the front lawn of the school!!!!  It looks so amazing!!!  400+ at one school and 200+ at the other school!   Some classes even made a few extra pinwheels to display on the windows in our main office!!

The Pinwheels for Peace Project that we do lends itself very nicely to our continued theme of No Place for Hate at both of my schools!  As I talked with each grade level this morning, many students shared their ideas of what peace means, it was so nice to hear then using the No Place for Hate language!!  Very nice when it all flows together!!!!

Below are some pictures of our 2nd annual Pinwheels for Peace Project!!!

How did you celebrate the International Day of Peace?

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patricia Polacco's New "Bully" Book!!!

It's here!  It's finally here!!! I pre-ordered Patricia Polacco's newest book, Bully, and I picked it up the other day!!!!  I really love Patricia Polacco!  She is a fantastic author to use for guidance lessons!!

I am already planning to use this new book Bully with our 3rd graders.  Patricia Polacco is already part of their curriculum and this will ties in nicely with our No Place for Hate program!!!  Bonus!!

In this story, Lyla finds a new friend on her first day at her new school and then later on, she makes the cheer leading squad.  The popular group of girls ask her to join them, encouraging her to leave her new friend behind.  Lyla catches her new cheerleader group teasing her first day friend and others on Facebook, and makes the decision not to hang out with them.  That makes the cheerleaders very upset and they are out for revenge against Lyla.  What happens next is well portrayed meanness!!!!  Patrica Polacco really touches upon what it can be liked to be the target of mean girls!!!

This book take a serious look at relational aggression and cyberbullying.  It also shows that kids can work through these problems, with support!!

What books do you use to address relational aggression?

Monday, September 17, 2012

Creative Therapy Store

I was just checking my calendar which happens to be from Creative Therapy Store, and I noticed that on today's date it said web special 20% off ADHD and School Skills sections of the online catalog!! I was just looking for some ADHD Resources!!!  Two Seconds later I'm going through my mail and there is the Fall 2012 Catalog from... Creative Therapy Store!  I know!  A sign right? So I thought why not share this fantastic resource with my readers!!!

I have been using Creative Therapy Store for at least 2 years now!! I even wrote a product review and received a free One of a Kind Self Esteem Game!!!  This company has very useful and practical  counseling resources!!!

They deal with feelings, anger control, self-concept, parenting and family therapy, play therapy resources, social skills, Autism Spectrum Disorders, sensory functioning, ADHD and School Skills, behavior and stress and coping!!  The Creative Therapy Store offers a 90-Day Money Back Guarantee, if you're not satisfied.  They feature new products all of the time and have wonderful customer service!!

Some of my favorite products that I have gotten from Creative Therapy Store include Seeing Red, An Anger Management and Peacekeeping Curriculum for Kids; Totika blocks including the self esteem cards & life skills cards; several of the Play-2-Learn Go Fish Card Games including Catch Good Character, Reel in Responsibility, Catch and Release Your Anger &Fishing for Feelings.

I have also purchased Great Group Games for Kids; 2 of the Tangle products; The Any Game Cards; Let's Talk Social Skills; You Are ASocial Detective; G.I.R.L.S. in Real Life Situations;  Mind your Manners; Hidden Rules an the Attention Games book!

As you can see I might REALLY love this fantastic resource!!!  What great counseling resources do you use?

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pinterest Love!!!!

Although I have a blog page linking you to my Pinterest Page, I wanted to take a few moments to share with how wonderful joining up with Pinterest can be!!  I HEART Pinterest because I have linked up with so many amazing school counselors, therapists, speech and language pathologist, special ed teachers, child development specialist, etc.

On Pinterest,  once you have asked for an invitation and have been accepted, you can start exploring ANYTHING that interest you and I mean ANYTHING!!!!!  As you can see by my Pinterest boards, I have focused mainly on School Counselor things.  To get started, I did a search on School Counseling, School Counselors and Guidance Counseling.  As people and boards came up that I was interested in, I started following them, and then people started following me too!! Cool!!

As I became a bit more familiar (addicted LOL!!) with Pinterest,  I started streamlining my pin boards and my searches to be more content specific.  I currently have pin boards for School Counseling, the Counselor's Bookshelf, Play Therapy, Counseling Shoppes, Chapter 15/504,Cool Tech Stuff, Sensory Ideas, Made in America, Butterflies, Feelings, Counselor Bulletin Boards, Social Skills, Inspirational, Cool Ideas, Great Meals and Teach HUB.

I love getting all of these wonderful ideas and awesome resources to use in my school counseling program, not to mention the fantastic network of school counselors and other therapist that are also loving Pinterest!!!  You can follow specific boards, all boards or specific people!!  Pinterest is also available on you iphone, ipad or android device, so you can Pin from anywhere!!

Have you discovered Pinterest?  What boards do you pin to?