Wednesday, September 12, 2012

There Are Rules? Follow up!!

As a follow up to Monday's post There are Rules? Social Skills Game (click here to view), I wanted to share the game board that the student ended up creating!!!  After my 4th grade social skills group played the There are Rules? activity/game, we decided as a group that we wanted to create our own game.  The kids enjoyed the dice "game"  but we decided to really be able to make up the rules we would use a board game!!

I Googled game board templates and came across exactly what we needed at!! Score!!  Thank you Donna Young!!!

So at our Tuesday social skills lunch bunch, we discussed the There are Rules? game and I introduced the game board template.  We utilized the "Create Your Own Game" template from There Are Rules? packet as a guideline, answering each section as a group, getting input from everyone!!!

The kids were super enthusiastic to do this activity!!!  It was really cool to go ever each section of "Create your Own Game" template creating the game rules as a group.  I just asked the question in each section, the kids did the rest!!!  Below is the finished game board.

What activities do you use for creating rules?

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