Friday, September 21, 2012

Pinwheels for Peace & No Place for Hate!!

Today at both of my elementary schools we are celebrating International Day of Peace!!!  (Click here to learn more about how this day came about!!!)  This is our 2nd year celebrating this day with Pinwheels for Peace!!!

At both of my schools, all of the students in grades K-5 will create a Pinwheel from a template and color or decorate the pinwheel to show what peace means to them!!!  The paper is then folded into a pinwheel and attached to a straw or pencil with a fastener or pin!! (we used pencils because they were sturdier!)  (Here is the link to the Pinwheels for Peace template!)

The kids at both of my schools were very excited to create these Pinwheels for Peace again!!!  Each and every pinwheels looks so different and so beautiful!!  Each representing what peace means to that particular student!!

On this International Day of Peace we gather as grade levels outside and with the help of our wonderful custodian, the principal and I help each student place their Pinwheel for Peace out on the front lawn of the school!!!!  It looks so amazing!!!  400+ at one school and 200+ at the other school!   Some classes even made a few extra pinwheels to display on the windows in our main office!!

The Pinwheels for Peace Project that we do lends itself very nicely to our continued theme of No Place for Hate at both of my schools!  As I talked with each grade level this morning, many students shared their ideas of what peace means, it was so nice to hear then using the No Place for Hate language!!  Very nice when it all flows together!!!!

Below are some pictures of our 2nd annual Pinwheels for Peace Project!!!

How did you celebrate the International Day of Peace?

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  1. Students, Please note this useful point "School is no place for hate" by School Counselor.