Sunday, September 16, 2012

Pinterest Love!!!!

Although I have a blog page linking you to my Pinterest Page, I wanted to take a few moments to share with how wonderful joining up with Pinterest can be!!  I HEART Pinterest because I have linked up with so many amazing school counselors, therapists, speech and language pathologist, special ed teachers, child development specialist, etc.

On Pinterest,  once you have asked for an invitation and have been accepted, you can start exploring ANYTHING that interest you and I mean ANYTHING!!!!!  As you can see by my Pinterest boards, I have focused mainly on School Counselor things.  To get started, I did a search on School Counseling, School Counselors and Guidance Counseling.  As people and boards came up that I was interested in, I started following them, and then people started following me too!! Cool!!

As I became a bit more familiar (addicted LOL!!) with Pinterest,  I started streamlining my pin boards and my searches to be more content specific.  I currently have pin boards for School Counseling, the Counselor's Bookshelf, Play Therapy, Counseling Shoppes, Chapter 15/504,Cool Tech Stuff, Sensory Ideas, Made in America, Butterflies, Feelings, Counselor Bulletin Boards, Social Skills, Inspirational, Cool Ideas, Great Meals and Teach HUB.

I love getting all of these wonderful ideas and awesome resources to use in my school counseling program, not to mention the fantastic network of school counselors and other therapist that are also loving Pinterest!!!  You can follow specific boards, all boards or specific people!!  Pinterest is also available on you iphone, ipad or android device, so you can Pin from anywhere!!

Have you discovered Pinterest?  What boards do you pin to?

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  1. I'm right there with you, AnnMarie! I am so glad Pinterest was created! It connected me to so many people and so many great ideas that I have enjoyed implementing at my school! Most of my boards are school counselor related with a little delicious food here and there! :)