Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patricia Polacco's New "Bully" Book!!!

It's here!  It's finally here!!! I pre-ordered Patricia Polacco's newest book, Bully, and I picked it up the other day!!!!  I really love Patricia Polacco!  She is a fantastic author to use for guidance lessons!!

I am already planning to use this new book Bully with our 3rd graders.  Patricia Polacco is already part of their curriculum and this will ties in nicely with our No Place for Hate program!!!  Bonus!!

In this story, Lyla finds a new friend on her first day at her new school and then later on, she makes the cheer leading squad.  The popular group of girls ask her to join them, encouraging her to leave her new friend behind.  Lyla catches her new cheerleader group teasing her first day friend and others on Facebook, and makes the decision not to hang out with them.  That makes the cheerleaders very upset and they are out for revenge against Lyla.  What happens next is well portrayed meanness!!!!  Patrica Polacco really touches upon what it can be liked to be the target of mean girls!!!

This book take a serious look at relational aggression and cyberbullying.  It also shows that kids can work through these problems, with support!!

What books do you use to address relational aggression?

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  1. This post is use to remember my school days and friends.. by online school