Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Do You Lunch Bunch?

One of the coolest ways to get to really know your students as school counselors is to offer Lunch Bunches!!!  I do Lunch Bunches at both of my schools and I get to see a ton kids in the process!! 

I have hosted Lunch Bunches for new students, for students needing review of study skills, for IEP students as a related service, to practice and learn social skills for kids on the Autism Spectrum, for girl bullying, for behavior modification, as a reward and for those kids that need a little extra TLC!!!

Some Lunch Bunches run a few weeks, some go the entire school year based on IEP mandates.  Some Lunch bunches are begin at the start of the new school year, and some I collaborate with teachers to work on a need or skill in a particular grade or class!!

I personally invite all my Lunch Bunch kids with this neat-o cool invitation I made which I converted to Google Docs to share with you!!  Click here to view!!

I also send a letter home to parents, especially if the groups are mandated by IEPs or are focusing on a specific issue.  I created a Word Document, formatted to allow for our letterhead.  I converted the document to Google Docs, you can access it here!

For IEP students, I also keep a confidential log of the dates, topics, materials, and attendance for each Lunch Bunch.  I have used these in IEP meetings to discuss progress.

The kids really seem to enjoy the Lunch Bunches and I really enjoy working with the students in this capacity.  I learn so much from our time together!!!

How have you used Lunch Bunches in your school counseling program?  I'd love to learn your ideas!

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