Friday, September 28, 2012

Building Attention and Focusing Skills on the Cheap!!

As school counselors, teachers often ask us to work with kids that lack attention and focusing skills.  With more kids being diagnosed with ADHD, we are seeing these kids more often.  I have come across some pretty cool and inexpensive things to help build attention and focusing skills.

Some of the things I have come across on the cheap:

Hasbro's Trouble Game.  I have used this game to help kids develop patience and waiting skills.  The Pop o Matic Button is hard to resist pushing!!  The game also requires that you wait to get a 1 or 6 to move your pawn!!!

Knock Knock, Who's There? Matching and Memory Game.  I found this at a yard sale!! It is a great tool to use with kids to build focus and attention skills!!! As the kids starting matching the pairs, their self confidence also shows immediately too!! Bonus!!!

Dollar store Puzzles!! I frequent dollar stores and often times find great therapeutic toys/items that I can use in my school counseling program!!  I get different sizes, various characters, 3D.  I found a great 48 piece 3d Star Wars puzzle that I have used with the younger boys!  When I presented the puzzle we talk about planning and sorting, and really paying attention to the picture on the box.  We talked about searching for clues and similarities, and all for $1.00!!! Score!!

Stay tuned for some other specific therapeutic games and activities that you can use for building attention working with ADHD kids!!

What cheap games or activities have you used with your kids to build specific skills?

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