Friday, August 24, 2012

Touring My Offices!

I finally finished getting my offices ready for this school year!! Since I am in 2 schools I have 2 offices so the task is a bit more daunting!! I'll give you the virtual tour.

Office B is a small office but it works and I share it at various times with 2 other faculty. I tried to utilize the space efficiently.

Office A is a little bigger, but I lose a window! I share Office A but on alternate days when I'm not at this school!! I hope you enjoy the photos!!

What do you love about your counseling office??

Office B front of door
Office B my desk 
Office B Group table, therapeutic toys/games
Office A Therapeutic Toys and Games
Office A very Cool Toy Bin 
Office A Group Area
Office A Bulletin Board
Feelings and Character
Office A My Desk
Office B filing and Therapeutic Books
Office A Front of Door
Office A Skills Guidance Materials 
Office A Back of Door
Office B Back of Door

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