Monday, August 20, 2012

The School Counselor Resources Catalog

Just as I was pondering what to write about today, the mail carrier dropped off the most recent edition (2013) of Counseling Resources for Elementary Grades Catalog!  Sweet!!  The catalog touts itself as school counselor resources.  On the cover it notes that it features Career Awareness, Character Education, Emotions, Bullying, Conflict Resolution, Divorce and Social Skills!

Inside the catalog, they always feature a New & Notable section for all of the new items!!  They also color code each section e.g. Counselor Resources, Emotions, Study Skills, etc. for easy searching!!

I have used this valuable resource several times to add things to my school counseling program! They deliver quick to your school or home!  Some items I have ordered previously include:  Was it the Chocolate Pudding?, Great Group Games for Kids and The Fishing for Feelings cards.  I can't wait to peruse the catalog to see what I can order this school year!!

What school counselor resources/catalogs do you use for your school counselor program?

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  1. Ooooo, I JUST got that magazine and was flipping through it this afternoon! I think it's got some great stuff . . . if only I had some $$. Glad to find your blog . . . WRITE on!

    The Corner On Character