Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Do You Belong to a Professional Association?

Hello fellow school counselors!!  Are you familiar with our national professional association, the American School Counselor Association?  If not, you certainly should be!!!  ASCA is a wealth of knowledge and resources for school counselors!  They provide everything you need to know about creating a school counselor program using the ASCA National Program/RAMP.  You can also find all things Ethics there too!  They have several publications just for for school counselors:  Professional School Counseling Journal (which you can read online as a member); the ASCA School Counselor Magazine ( I look forward to mine bimonthly!!); a monthly e-newsletter ASCA Aspects plus the ASCA Bookstore where you can find all sorts of wonderful things!  For those of you that love 21st century technology (who doesn't?), there is the ASCAaway  podcast and ASCAtweets.

 The ASCA website also features a link for Membership, Legislative Affairs, Career/Roles, Legal & Ethical, online Bookstore and a really great forum/Community called ASCA SCENE where you can connect with over 20,000 school counselors worldwide.  Currently there are over 6000 discussions and over 1800 files that you can access with membership!!  Very Cool!!

The ASCA site also host a plethora of Professional Development opportunities and information  about the upcoming American School Counselor Association Conference coming to Philadelphia, PA June 30-July 3, 2013!!  

Additionally check to see if your state or region has a branch of the School Counseling Association!  I live in PA and we have PSCA.  We also had a local chapter in the Lehigh Carbon School School Counseling Association.

Have you utilized the resources available to you through ASCA or your state local association?  Comment below!  Thanks! 

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