Friday, August 17, 2012

Back to School Shopping, School Counselor Style!!!

If you're like me, you are using these last few days of summer to get ready for back to school!!  For me that means getting new supplies for my school counselor office(s)!! I love to find things that I can use for individual counseling, small groups and class lessons, but I AM on a budget!  Thank goodness for the Dollar Spot at Target, The Dollar Tree and The Christmas Tree Shop!!  I am lucky enough to live near all of these stores and I keep my eye out every time I'm there.  This week I came home with a pirate's booty of great things for my school counseling program!  Here are 2 views of my goodies!

Included in my treasure trove are foam shapes (puzzle pieces, hands, hearts, & pennants), 2 Jr. Slinkies, Angry Birds Fruit Snacks & 2 eraser packs, 2 mini koosh balls, wiggle eyes, star erasers, pencils (Avengers, Batman, Lorax, Muppets) Batman erasers, 2 packs of Dr. Seuss Reward cards, 2 packs of multi color pipe cleaners, glitter and regular pompoms, praise words bulletin board border, 2 packs of blue pens, fancy dancy file folders and a puzzle design paper bin!!!!  Most of this stuff was $1!! Sweet!!

I also picked up 4 of these neato ottomans (with inside storage) as per my friend Danielle
@sch_counselor from  

These came from Target and were $14 each. They had several fun colors and patterns!!!  I am going to use these as extra seating for my Lunch Bunches!!

What goodies did you get for back to school?  

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