Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Back to School Guidance Lessons, aka No Place for Hate!

Today I got to do my first guidance lessons with the kindergarten.  It's so amazing to see the awe in their eyes, the newness of it all!!  At the beginning of school, usually the first week, the principal and I like to get around to all of the classrooms to present our No Place for Hate and go over expectations.

Today we co-presented in Kindergarten!!  One of my favorite books to read to Kindergarten about rules and expectations is How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?  by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague.  The book has these awesome illustrations of various types of dinosaurs doing different behaviors in school.  Each page asks different questions about what the dinosaur should do, and the kinders (bless their little hearts) catch on quickly to shout out "NO!!" to the dinosaurs' misbehavior (totally cool, right?)!

After I read the story we reviewed our No Place for Hate promise with the kids and they all"signed" the pledge in their neatest kindergarten handwriting.  We will go around to all of the classrooms this week presenting our message of Peace and Safety in school and have ALL of the students sign the pledge!  The signed pledge will hang in our lobby as a reminder that our school is a No Place for Hate School!! Click here to learn more about No Place for Hate!  (I'll post more about that another time!!)

What do you do to teach Peace at your school?

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